About Us

Naturally, this business started from a love of wine and food and the lifestyle of friendship and sharing that develops within “foodie” communities.   When living in Hangzhou, our daughter really missed Canadian wines and thought that her friends in China would love the exceptional wines being created in Canada.   And thus our journey began….

We choose to work with boutique wineries whose vintners are passionate about perfecting the art of a great wine,  are innovative and creative, and excited to share their life’s work with their clients.  Most are small, artisanal producers, often family owned and operated,  and exhibit true pride in their vintages.  

When we approached these wineries about selling to China – they were thrilled.  Knowing that people in China treasure quality products, put a high value on wholesome ingredients, careful processing and controlled environments to protect and retain the product’s best features.    Our wineries are equally concerned with these details.

A purely great wine is borne from 3 environmental influences – rich soil, clean water and clear air – which Canada’s grape-growing regions have in abundance.  Look to our WINE 101 – Talks and Tips to learn more on the influences of our terrific terroir!

We hope you will enjoy being part of the Clear Lake Wineries community.   You’ll have access to great wines, learn their history, explore best food pairings and meet other wine-lovers through our on-line platform. 

While we’ve begun the WSET accreditation process we are most excited to have earned the Canadian Wine Scholar designation (CWS) which is a comprehensive program delving deep into the history, development and differentiation of the wine industry across Canada’s vast regions.   We look forward to sharing our discoveries with you!