The winery was founded by a group of wine loving friends in 1995 along the Beamsville Bench. In 1996 the first grapes were planted on the property that was once owned by the Congregation of Missionary Sisters of Christian Charity in Ontario with the winery officially opening in 2002.

Founded: 1995

Where: Beamsville Bench, Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada

Soils: Highly rich limestone clay loam.

Climate: Cool, moderate temperature.


Our Varietals

2014 Angel’s Gate Gamay Noir Niagara Peninsula

The Vineyard:

   Angle’s Gate Winery derives its name from the congregation that owned the property before. The estate was purchased as early as 1995 with visions of contributing to Niagara’s blossoming wine community. In 2000, Angel’s Gate came out with its first vintage that only produced three varietals. As of 2017 Angels’s Gate now produces over 35,000 cases annually and the congregational inspired building is now a staple in Niagara.

   With a total of 190 acres in the Niagara Peninsula, Angel’s Gate collects 95% of its necessary grapes from the Beamsville Bench. Ensuring that all their wines are VQA certified and produced from ideal resources and conditions. Angel’s Gate Winery has been a blessing to the wine industry in Canada and currently has numerous plans of spreading the joy internationally.


The Vintners:

   Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Phillip Dowell has been in the wine business for over 30 years. He has worked extensively at both Australian and Canadian wineries throughout his tenure bringing a unique complexion to his style. Joining Angel’s Gate in 2007, Dowell has overseen the meteoric rise of Angel’s Gate to become a powerhouse in Niagara wine making. With no plans of stopping it shall be exciting to see what he does next.

   His views on winemaking are three-fold; it is all about bringing together the ‘terroir’, ‘elevage’, and ‘typicity’ of wine. Terrior referring to the location of the vineyard, elevage being the maturation process that takes place in the cellar, and the vinous character each wine has which Dowell calls typcity. When all three are balanced in harmony it creates a unique product or an Angel’s Gate wine.