Certified Canadian: Cellared in Controversy

Certified Canadian: Ensuring your wine is truly Canadian and not just “Cellared In":

Canada is able to distinguish itself from other winemaking countries due to our high standards for quality ingredients and production. The Canada Vintners Alliance (CVA) oversees the different provincial branches, each with their own set of laws.

The two foremost CVA members are the Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA) of Ontario & B.C. and account for over 30million litres of certified wine from the combined provinces. They say you should never judge a book by its cover; however by understanding labeling you can have a basic understanding of what type of wine you should expect when you open it.

If you really want to ensure that wine your wine is genuinely certified from Canada please visit our WeChat store as all our wine is VQA Certified from Ontario, Canada. To illustrate the importance of VQA we have created a “cheat sheet” to encourage more critical analysis of the Canadian wine you buy in China and better understand what the labeling on Canadian wines can tell you about the wine.

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