Clear Lake Wineries Intro

Welcome to Clear Lake Wineries!

Wine 101... Paired With Fun

We are very excited to officially launch Clear Lake Wineries with our Wechat Communities, offering some of the finest boutique wines produced in Canada.  Whether you are craving a taste of home, wishing to explore something new or simply wanting great wine delivered to your door anywhere in China, Clear Lake Wineries is the only subscription you need.

As wine lovers we know the importance of the entire drinking experience. By subscribing to our WeChat you will not only receive updates on our products and promotions but we are also here to help YOU GROW your understanding and appreciation for the beauty of viniculture. Think of our posts as a classroom and our shop as your homework. Sound like a school for you?

Through detailed tasting notes, stories from our Vintners and Winemakers (and believe us they love to tell stories!), along with a dedication to perfecting the curriculum, we will offer the most unique “course” you have ever attended. We hope to educate you through entertainment.

Whether you are a sommelier, new to wine, or an unofficial “Master of Wines” there is something here for everyone.


Purchase by the bottle (or two or three...) in our store today, or you can join the exclusive Canadian Wine Club where each month you will receive a specially curated package containing 2 bottles of uniquely crafted wine, taste-tested recipes, and descriptive tasting notes.  By being a member of the Canadian Wine Club, you will receive our exclusive membership card to use when visiting our wineries in Canada!


- February 16, 2017

We would like to thank Mark and team at The Cannery in Shanghai, as well as Sommelier Emilie Steckenborn, for hosting such an extraordinary launch for Clear Lake Wineries.  The food - exquisitely paired to enhance each wine - was a culinary masterpiece.  They’ve all been such wonderful friends in helping us get started on this incredible journey and we truly can’t thank them enough.  

We would also like to extend a special thank you to Jim Boyce of and  Jethro Kang from Drinks Magazine for their coverage of our entry into China and support for the exceptional wines Canada is bringing to the world!  Both respected wine aficionados in China, we are honoured to be featured in their publications,  and even more so to share them with you, so check us out on their websites!


干杯, CHEERS!!