Lesson One: Vin Mariani

Vin Mariani:

The art of making a good wine is as much a science as it is about the grapes. The complexity aspect of wine is what has made it such a popular beverage amongst people throughout history.  While this is still true today, the people with an accurate understanding of chemical reactions and the fermenting process was much more scarce.

Angelo Mariani, born in 1838, was a chemist from France who created one of the most popular drinks of the 19th century. Vin Maraini. In 1863 mixing Bordeaux wine and coca leaves Mariani patented a medicine that was designed to uplift and restore “health” and “energy”.

While coca leaves were prominent in many drinks at this time especially in the America’s, many appreciated the added twist of fine French wine. So much so that Vin Mariani became the favourite drink of many important figures at this time including none other than… QUEEN VICTORIA!!!

So while most of your friends will be drinking beer and crushing “two fours” in Canada this weekend, why not celebrate in traditional Victorian style with a fine glass of Canadian wine (minus the coca leaves of course). We offer the rarest selection of Canadian wine in China and can help make your weekend a little bit more refreshing, relaxing and most importantly,  Canadian. 

Extra Study Notes:

Vin Mariani is also credited as being the ancestor of Coca Cola, which most people know was also created as a medicine in USA. What most do not know is that the original product was named Pemberton’s French Wine Coca. Inspired by Vin Mariani, John Pemberton produced his cocawine to much success. However he was forced to remove alcohol from his drink when Prohibition started in 1886. By carbonating it and replacing the wine with a syrup,  Pemberton managed to create what is probably the most popular non-alcoholic drink of this century.


Enjoy your wine and enjoy your weekend.


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